martes, 23 de diciembre de 2014

The War Maintains

Tell me who wants your blinded eyes
Saúl Fimbres
The war maintains it’s Saturday
that in Ayotzinapa the barbarians prevailed
with your accomplice grin,
that we will not glimpse the face of Julio César Mondragón,
The war maintains that it shields itself under the night
that in Las Choapas the barbarians prevailed
because you acquiesced to a murder, a ‘crime of passion’,
that we will not hear the voice of Gregorio Jiménez,
The war maintains that the zone is a lost cause
that in San Fernando the barbarians prevailed
because you mutilated and robbed the migrant,
that 72 families will not embrace their brother again.
The war maintains that the world is filth,
that in Mexico the barbarians already prevailed
because you turned your back on the gang,
that we will not get our dignity back.
The war maintains that the barbarians humiliated us,
that right now everything hurts
because you schemed
the plundering;
you dug the ditch
you buried on the hillside
the ‘hitman’
the ‘squealer’
at the head of which you were pierced
by an ‘undetermined’ amount of bodies.
The war maintains that the barbarians
chant over the dead body,
offer $1,000,000 to find it
a house to forget it
a commission
from Cadereyta to Iguala
from Santiago Papasquiaro to Temixco.
The war maintains that this night
howls morning
you maintain the ruins.

Traducción de María Cristina Fernández Hall y John Z. Komurki, publicada en la antología web Poets for Ayotzinapa, de Mexico City Lit, en:

sábado, 20 de diciembre de 2014

Repente pendular y masticable

a Gerardo Deniz 

a toro (¡jau!) pasao por agua o
mejor cocido
ay poeta que sepa
qué silbar al azar
sin rozar
el envés de este vals /
«menos mal - menos mal - menos mal» (:
a coro)
—erizada la dicha en terracita

José-Miguel Ullán